Chang, Teng Yuan

Born 1983 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Lives and works in Taipei.
Through his paintings and animation installations in recent years, Chang Teng-Yuan has raised questions about how humans will move into the next era.

2011  MFA, Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts﹐Tainan National University of The Arts
2006  BA,Department of Art, National Changhua University of Education

Solo Exhibitions
Multiverse Explorer, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul
Post-We, Galerie Grand Siècle, Taipei

Simulator,ART.FAIR COLOGNE,Cologne Germany
HEX, Gallery NOMART, Osaka (Exchange Plan by Galerie Grand Siècle)
Criss-Cross, Gallery 44, Taipei (Exchange Plan by Galerie Grand Siècle)

Biologist,Galerie Grand Siècle,Taipei

Earth Guide,ART TAIPEI 2013,Taipei
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Tate Modern after the End of the World,NTMOFA, Taichung
Earth Archeology,Galerie Grand Siècle,Taipei

Earth Research by Parrot-man,Art Studio,Taipei 

The Sight Burglar 's Adventure Beyond Boundary- 
Teng-yuan Chang’s Solo Exhibition ,KMFA,Kaohsiung
Art Stage Singapore,Marina Bay Sands,Singapore

Edge of the sight - After,Galerie Grand Siècle,Taipei
Edge of the sight,A7958 Contemporary Gallery,Taichung
Department of Experiment Eyeball,K’s Art contemporary space

Department of Experiment Eyeball,Quan-Art,Taichung

works-Teng Yuan , Chang,Dynasty Art Gallery,Taipei

Group Exhibitions

In The Garden Crossword Clue,Rich Art,Taichung
Taipei Biennial 2016, Taipei Fine Art Museum,Taipei
Very Addictive- Re extension of Aesthetics in Daily Life,MOCA Yinchuan, Liaoning,China
Young at Heart, Gallery f&f,Taipei
The Silver Lining of Art,Galerie Grand Siècle,Taipei

ART 15,ART 15,London
Beaming Spring,Galerie Grand Siècle,Taipei

Newly Lacquered Blender: 2014 Exchange Exhibition for Works of Cross-strait Young  Artists,National Changhua University of Education,Changhua
YOUNG ART TAIPEI,Regent Taipei ,Taipei
Bloom with Multicolore,Galerie Pierre,Taichung

LOVE LOVE:Animamix Biennale 2013-14,KMFA,Kaohsiung
Mona Lisa Made in Taiwan,KMFA,Kaohsiung
Art | Genesis,SONNENTOR ARTS,Taipei      
You Can’t See Until Stop ,YESART.COM.TW,Taipei

Cool Feeling Hot,DERIVE ART,Taichung
 Super Novart,Freedom Man Gallery,YESART.COM.TW,Taichung,Taipei
 Landscape of Onaricho,MOCA Studio,Taipei   
 kiss the heart, Mitsukoshi Ginza, Tokyo

window, TINA KENG Gallery,Taipei
trans-plex, KdMoFa,Taipei
Tokyo Frontline-Microclimate,3331 arts chiyoda,Tokyo

Reshaping History, CNCC,Beijing
Today of Taiwanese Art,Gyeongnam Art Museum,Korea
Taipei art awards,Taipei Fine Art Museum,Taipei

Scene in Scene,Digiark,Taichung 
Art Osaka,Dojima Hotel,Japan 
Micro Paradise,My Humble House,Taipei
Nostalgia for Future,A7958 Gallery,Taichung
Young Art Taipei,Sunworld Dynasty Hotel,Taipei
Frequency,Danysty Art Gallery,Taipei  
ART. FAIR21,Cologne,Germany
Play Stadium in 2008,Artist Commune,Hong Kong
Asia Students and Young Artists Art Festival,Seoul Station Old Bldg,Korea
Art Osaka,Dojima Hotel,Japan

2014  National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
Art Bank, Taiwan
2013  Art Bank Taiwan
Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
2008  National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts 
2016  Grant of Exhibition,National Culture and Arts Foundation,Taiwan
2015  Grant of Exhibition,National Culture and Arts Foundation,Taiwan
2014  New York ISCP Cultural Exchange Residence Program,Ministry of Culture,Taiwan
       Art Grant,Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government,Taiwan
       Fine Art Grant,National Culture and Arts Foundation,Taiwan
2013  Art Grant, Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government,Taiwan
       Art Grant, Department of Cultural Affairs,Taipei City Government,Taiwan
       Fine Art Grant,National Culture and Arts Foundation,Taiwan
2012  Visual Art Nomination,Taishin Art Award,Taiwan
2009  The Excellent Prize,Taipei Art Awards,Taiwan
2008  The First Prize,Kaohsiung Art Awards,Taiwan

Chang Li-Yeh
Tang Tang
Liao yu-an

Born in Taipei in 1979 and won the "Taipei Arts Award" in 2003, Liao Yu-An is a promising young artist in contemporary art. The making of his art is a deeply personal one, and the theme of alienation and isolation is beautifully described in his artworks. Liao has set about making art that begans as a voyage of self-exploration and self-discovery and is now a comment on the society in which he lives. He made for himself a theater of possibilities that has embraced deeply personal moments of his life and his insecurities, as well as some astute observation on the society in which he finds himself as a young artist. The initial impression of Liao's art is that it is humorous and that it is clearly informed by animation art, cartoons, and caricature, as well as a juxtaposition of geometries: the precision of colored horizontal and vertical lines for background and a random rolling line for figuration. It is a story of struggle within our minds and our everyday realities and in our relationships that will continue to repeat itself in an endless theater of possibilities.




Biography  of  Liao Yuan


1979 Born in Taipei, Taiwan




2005 Master of Fine Arts from Tainan National University of the Arts

2002  Bachelor of Fine Arts from Taipei National University of the Arts


Solo Exhibitions

2016    Practice Of Temporary Parking--- Liao Yu-An Solo Exhibition  IT PARK, Taipei


2013    Intellectual Numbness—Liao Yu An Solo Exhibition   Asia Art Center Taipei II

2011    "Lame Syndrome" Taipei Finearts Museum, Taipei

2008    "Fondle Without Tenderness" Asia Art Center, Taipei

2007    "Drowse" Butchart International Contemporary Art Space, Taipei

               "Death Pretentious..? " IT PARK, Taipei


Group Exhibitions

2015    The Testimony of Food—Ideas and Food Taipei Finearts Museum, Taipei

2014    The Pioneers of Taiwanese Artests,1971-1980  National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts


2012   Manifestation of Homunculi  --Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts--Taipei

       Aire de Taïwan-Expositions dans la Région Champagne-Ardenne Paris

“Somehow we are touched Love”-Yuan Ze University Arts Center  Taoyuan

2009  “Metaphors of Un/Real” - Animamix Biennial 2009-2010 MoCA Shanghai,  Shanghai

2008   "HOME - 2008 Taiwan Art Biennale" National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung

"A New Interpretation of the World – Popular Culture and Contemporary Art in Taiwan" Asian Contemporary Art Fair, NY, U.S.A

"FLOAT" Hong-Gah Museum, Taipei

"Mix & Match Vision - Invitation for 2008 Contemporary Art Communication Across Taiwan Straits" The Fall Art Week in Shanghai 800 Art Zone, Shanghai

"ART IS NOW - Co-located with Busan Biennale" Busan Cultural Center, Busan, Korea

"ART Singapore" Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore

2007       "3L4D: 3rd Life 4th Dimension" National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorrial Hall,   Taipei

                 "A Truth Beyond the Real - 14 Chinese Contemporary Artists Explore and Revolutionize the Image of Realism" Doosan Art Center, Seoul, Korea

                "Taiwan Contemporary Art in Wonderland" National Taiwan Museum of   Fine Arts, Taichung  

2005          "Well Done - The Art of Design World" Museum of Contemporary Art  Taipei






Chen Yi-Chia
Wu Chi
Yoshuya Hakuta

1984 Born in Ibaraki
2007 B.F.A., Japanese Painting, University of Tsukuba
2009 M.F.A., University of Tsukuba
2012 Ph.D., Fine Art and Design, University of Tsukuba

Solo Exhibitions
2015 "Paradise of Overhead", SHINSEIDO HATANAKA ART GALLERY, Tokyo

Group Exhibitions
2007 "The 33rd Spring Soga ten", Art Gallery, TAKASHIMAYA Nihon-bashi Store[every consecutive year until now]
2008 "The 35th Soga ten", Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo and others [every consecutive year until now]
2011 "ART FAIR TOKYO 2012", The Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo ['12,'14]
2013 "KAMIKOANI PROJECT AKITA 2013", Kamikoani Village, Akita ['14,'15]
2015 "Art of Akita 2015", Gallery of Akita Museum of Art,Akit

2016 Art kaohsiung-Rich Art,kaohsiung

2017 Art Stage Singapore - Rich Art ,Singapore

2017 SECRET OF ANIMALS -Rich Art ,Taichung

Hsu Ming-feng
Chang Chia Ying



My works reveal a short circuit situation. Why do I say that is a short circuit situation, that is because every single symbol in a work seems to have its own mission, is doing something, is performing its own story; but the stories are cut, they are not precisely connected, cannot be tagged with chronological order; the stories play according to observers’ thoughts. Cartoon art is flat, like a freeze-frame, there is not much to describe behind the frame, comparing to this lack of significance I pursue a polysemous significance. 





 Chang Chiaying (B.1982-)


1982    Born in Taipei

2005    Graduated from Taipei National University of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

2008    Graduated from the Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts, Tainan National    

            University of Arts, Tainan, Taiwan


Solo exhibitions


2016    Dark Shapiro,ITPARK,Taipei,Taiwan

2014    Fairy Reincarnation of Chang Chia-Ying, MOCA Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

2010    The Moebius Fairy Tale of Chang Chia-Ying, My Humble House Art   

           Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2006    The Fatty Fatty, Aki Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan 


Selected grouped exhibitions


2016   「 HER Gaze, An Exhibition of Contemporary Women Artists from Taiwan」,     T          

              Taipei Cultural Center,New York

2015     「In The Flesh 」, Chini Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2014     「Yes,Taiwan- Taiwan Biennial 」, National Taiwan Museum of Fine  

          Arts, Taichung, Taiwan

2014      Jie: Boundaries of Self in Contemporary Art from Taiwan 1995-2013,  

         Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, New York, USA

2013      Marie Claire 20th Anniversary In Taiwan, Huashan1914 Creative  

         Park,Taipei, Taiwan;The Pier-2 Art Center, Taipei, Kaohsiung

2012      2012 Super – Novart, Freedom Men Art Apartments, Taichung, Taiwan  

         ELSA ART GALLERY, Taipei, Taiwan

         Future Pass – From Asia to the world, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

         Manifestation of Homunculi, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts ,Taipei, Taiwan

         Future Pass – From Asia to the world, National Taiwan Museum of Fine    

         Arts, Taichung, Taiwan

2011      Future Pass – From Asia to the world, Collateral Event of the 54th Venice  

         Biennial, Venezia, Italy

         Macross, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts ,Taipei, Taiwan

2010      Reshaping History Chin art from 2000-2009 ,China National Convention   

         Center, Beijing, China

         Super Generation @ Taiwan, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China 

2009      Super Generation @ Taiwan, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China

         Animamix Biennial 2009-2010, MOCA Shanghai, Shanghai, China

         Duel Regard - The views from Taiwanese Women's Arts, National Taiwan        

         Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung,  Taiwan

         Super Generation @ Taiwan, MOCA Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

2008     My Humble House Formula One 2008 Exhibition of a New Generation, My    

         Humble House Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2007      VOLTA show03- Basel, Doart Gallery, Basel, Switzerland

         Kaohsiung Awards 2007, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

         Paradigm Shift, Beijing New Arts Projects, Beijing, China

         Taiwan Contemporary Art in Wonderland, National Taiwan Museum of       

         Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan 

2006      Taipei Awards, Taipei Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

         Bodies, Virtual Paradise-The Permanent Collection of NTMFA, National   

         Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts,

         Taichung, Taiwan

         Cold Q, Art site of Chiayi railway Warehouse, Chiayi, Taiwan

         Three, Arthis Fine Art, Taichung, Taiwan 

2005      I Have Told You ,Tainan National College of the Arts , Tainan, Taiwan

2004      The Department of Fine Art 89th Work and Document, Taipei National    

         College of the Arts ,Taipei, Taiwan

2002      I Have a Banquet in Danshui ,Taipei, Taiwan

2001      53 EXITS , Huashan Culture Park,Taipei,Taiwan



2007 Selected, Kaohsiung Awards, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Art,Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2006  Best Selection, Taipei Award, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan



2012  Manifestation of Homunculi, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts ,Taipei, Taiwan

2005  Red and Green Apple Paradise, collected by National Taiwan Museum of  

         Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan

Huang Chiu Yueh




Born in 1965

Department of Art Education, National Hsinchu Teachers' College

Solo Exhibition

1994  Watercolor Oil Painting Exhibition (Los Angeles Master Gallery)

1998  Solo Exhibition (Taichung City Cultural Center)

Group exhibition

2000  The 100th National Oil Painting Exhibition (Taichung)

2004  Art Taipei 2004 (Taipei)

2007  International Color Totem Exhibition (Taiwan, Spain)

          Japan 21st Century Shinto Artists Association Exhibition, Taiwan Japan     

          International Exposition (Nagoya, Japan)

2008  Recurrence of the Aura: A Retrospective on the 80 years Taiwan Arts (National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts)

2009  Journey.Painting Mood-Cross-Strait Oil Painting Art Exhibition (Beijing, China)

2010  Korea's 13th World Peace Art Exhibition (Seoul, Korea)

2015  Xiamen Art Fair (Xiamen, Fujian)

          Taiwan Central Art Association Anhui Cultural Exchange Exhibition (Anhui, China)

2016  Art Exhibition of Central Taiwan Art Association (Shanghai Xingyun Culture and 

          Art Museum, China)

          Taiwan Tsai-Mo Artists Exhibition in Spain (FRANSICO N22 Spain)

          The Third Cross-Strait Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition (Jiangsu, China)

2017 Art Stage (Singapore)

Shih Chen Tsung
Tsai Wei Cheng

TSAI Wei Cheng
In the process of making artistic creation, Cheng always try to get rid of the habitual rational judgment, and with a different angle, use his heart to experience the inspiration given by the people, events, and objects of surrounding reality.

When an artistic creation takes shape gradually with the rise and fall of thought in one’s mind, one can discover the beauty constantly during the process. Beauty exists naturally; however, if you don’t discover it, it’s equal to not existing. This is a kind of self-sufficient, and internal way of accomplishment! And also my reasons of artistic creation that make me believe without a shadow of doubt for years, and find pleasure in it .

Kaohsiung Han Ciao Gallery - Four Men Joint Exhibition
Kaohsiung Ming Jhan Gallery - Pocket-sized Sculpture Art Exhibition
Taipei Toa Hua Zhou Gallery Joint Exhibition
Taipei Toa Hua Zhou Gallery Solo Exhibition
Nantou The Lalu, Sun Moon Lake Solo Exhibition
Taichung Oaks 3A House Solo Exhibition
Taipei Toa Hua Zhou Gallery Solo Exhibition
Taichung Hand in Hand Gallery Solo Exhibition
Taichung Da Mei Wu Yan Art Gallery Space Solo Exhibition
Taipei Toa Hua Zhou Gallery Solo Exhibition
Taipei Performing Art School 36 Joint Exhibition
Taichung Da Mei Wu Yan Art Gallery Space Solo Exhibition
Taichung Chin Shan Tang Solo Exhibition
Taipei Toa Hua Zhou Gallery Solo Exhibition
T-Art in Taichung 2012
Taichung Maple Garden Art Space Solo Exhibition
Kaohsiung Since-well Gallery Joint Exhibition
Taipei World Trade Center Art Revolution
Art Kaohsiung
Art Stage Singapore

Art Tokyo

Rich Art-Wander As A Cloud

With Form With No Form


Art Stage Singapore

Italy Venice GAA Foundation Exhibition

Artexpo New York

Art Expo Beijing


Rich Art-Transforming After Object

Art Stage Singapore

Lu Ying Chang

Lu, Ying - Chang 1979 born in Taipei, Taiwan Fu-Hsin Trade and Arts School , Department of Fine Art, Taipei, Taiwan The Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, department of Visual Arts ,Milan, Italy


2012 ARTE IN FIERA DOLOMIT , ITreviso . Italy
2009 GEISAI TAIWAN - 1. Accreditation Solo Award- Takashi Murakami Award, Taipei, Taiwan
2006 Artefatto 2006 Giovani spazi . Venice Italy


Solo Exhibition

2017 Taipei . Gin Huang Gallery / DUE MONDO

2016 Tainan . 182artspace, Yakult & salt cans / RAGAZZO & RAGAZZA solo.

2016 Taichung, Rich Art . FONTANA DI TREVI DI NOTTE solo.

2014 Taipei.GAI ART - BUONGIORNO solo.

2009 Taipei. Mining personable gallery - watch. STARE solo


Group Exhibition

2018 Taichung, Rich Art. In The Garden Crossword Clue

2016 Taiwan Kaohsiung Art Fair

2015 Young Art Taipei 

2014 Hong Kong, Asia Contemporary Art 

2013 Taipei, Taiwan. Artist Fair

2013 Tokyo, Japan TDW ART FAIR 

2013 Treviso, Italy Galleria Web Art Exhibition

2012 Treviso Italy ARTE IN FIERA DOLOMITI Exhibition

2010 Tokyo, Japan. GEISAI-14. Invited Exhibition 

2010 Taipei. Architectural space. Finding New Stars Exhibition

2006 Venice Italy Artefatto

2006 Giovani spazi Exhibition